A Shared Prayer from Russian Baptist Women: 

Оur Heavenly Father, we come to you with humble hearts as to the Lord of History who holds the destiny of Ukraine and Russia in His hands. Lord, we come to you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, who brought your Peace – Shalom – to the earth. Forgive us when we do not abide in your peace.

We pray for people of the land of Ukraine whose dreams, hope, health, properties, and life itself are damaged and destroyed. Be their hope, provider, and healer. We pray for children and mothers who are vulnerable and live in fear for years. Protect them, comfort them, and embrace them with your love. We pray for wisdom for the leaders of Ukraine and Russia. Guide them toward the path of peace. We pray for the world leaders, politicians, and diplomats making efforts to resolve the tension between Ukraine and Russia.

We pray for military forces – that your commandment “you shall not kill” will have a mighty power over their hearts and minds. We proclaim your victory over all principalities and evil powers. Amen.

A Shared Prayer from an Australian Church: 

The following is a prayer from the hearts of those attending Pendle Hill Baptist Church in Australia. Men and women contributed together with children who want to pray at this critical time.

Loving Heavenly Father, Creator of all things,

We pray for all those who are suffering so terribly through the conflict in Ukraine and Russia. Loving Father, please bring the peace that only you can give to sustain all those caught in this evil web of violence.

In the face of such terror, we pray that people will come to know your Son, Jesus Christ even at this time – the Lord Jesus Christ, their only hope. May many experience comfort through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Lord, hear the plea from our 11-year-old boy who prays that the children will stand firm and that they don’t get separated from their parents. We pray that many families who have been separated will be able to reunite and your peace will be experienced by suffering, despairing families.

Loving Father, we pray that you will watch over the men and women who have been protecting their people from invasion and harm, and for their families who suffer trauma due to their separation. Please make a way for support, medical and food supplies to reach those desperate for daily needs, and may those who deliver these goods be protected from attack as they courageously try to replenish stolen or destroyed supplies to all who need them.

As a world-wide family of Christians, we pray that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia will be able to show love and encouragement to others – even to their enemies.

We pray for discernment and guidance for everyone caught in this war, that they will make right choices as to whether they should stay or move on, fight or flee.

Loving Heavenly Father, we pray that you, in your mighty power will intervene and make a way of just peace. We ask Lord that you will comfort, provide and protect those suffering bereavement and facing danger right now.

In the name of Jesus we humbly pray. Amen.