Marsha shares, “As I listened to Lagos, Leviticus 19:34 kept coming to mind: ‘The stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall love the stranger as yourself.’ His words and his actions toward these guests were acts of love.”

As the violence in Ukraine continues to escalate, Hungarian Baptists anticipate that their ministry has only just begun.

“Honestly this is just the beginning. More people will come from more complicated situations,” says Lagos. “But we would like to help, and I praise God we can help them.”

Lagos is just one of many Hungarian Baptists responding to this crisis. Within hours of the initial invasion, Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) began transporting food, clothes, and medical supplies across the border. The Baptist Union of Hungary is working strategically with its ten Hungarian Baptist congregations located within Ukraine near the Hungary-Ukraine border to care for thousands of internally displaced people.

“They need shelter and food, warm clothes, care, and spiritual guidance,” report Baptist union leaders. “Our pastors fulfill all these needs, and they work day and night to provide them everything.”

We are grateful for the faithful ministry of Hungarian Baptists at this critical time and invite you to pray for:

  • Continued generosity and provision of supplies to meet the many needs of the internally displaced within Ukraine and refugees who have fled to Hungary
  • Strength and endurance for Lagos and his team of volunteers as they serve the Roma people
  • Sustaining power for pastors and church leaders who are seeking to meet physical and spiritual need
  • Peace and rest for the many refugees, primarily women and children, during this difficult time

Utilizing financial and food donations and drawing from an abiding love for people, Lagos and his team have been able to provide compassionate care for weeks – even when exhaustion threatens to overwhelm them.