Day after day, Ukrainian Baptists have remained steadfast. They continue to gather for Sunday services wherever possible (some underground) – worshiping, praying, and observing communion together. The rhythms of life remain with wedding celebrations and the hope-filled report of a woman giving birth in the basement of a Baptist church. The challenges are indeed many, but darkness has not overcome the light. The work of the Spirit has not been quenched, and the Gospel will not be diminished.

“Together we are grateful for other countries who are taking great care and showing great love for Ukrainians,” said Bandura. “God is making miracles in Ukraine. We are only standing because of his protection. And even in the midst of war, we have baptisms. We know that God is here in this place, and He is working.”

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While millions across Ukraine struggle to live in a country under siege, the city of Mariupol has faced the unimaginable. This beautiful city situated on the north coast of the Sea of Azov has endured relentless bombing for weeks. Pictured is Bethany Baptist Church, known in peacetime for its active social and evangelical ministry, that now bears the scars of bombardment. Though charred, the cross remains. And so does the resolve of Ukrainian Baptists who remain faithful in service to God and their fellow Ukrainians even while war rages.